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April 29, 2011, 06:00:44 am #0

Aeon Trinity

So the epic comic story that has been toying around in my mind for a long while, almost a decade now lol, is now coming into fruition. I'm finally coming to the point to where I am not changing things and that every character feels right to me. Since I have a whole lot of time now I wrote this, it doesn't explain much of the main story. Which is good in my opinion because I don't want anyone to know too much of the story to spoil it. Anyway, this story is called Aeon Trinity, tell me what you think, feel free to tear the entire story apart!

Main Characters

Sion Moss – Sion is a man without a past, just a regular Joe who tries to live his life without any kind of problems. The cliché of being destined for greatness has never crossed his mind, why should it? He is a nobody, he one night after work decides to walk home but runs into a few unsavory characters and his luck instantly goes from bad to worse.

Amanda “Widow” Banes – A woman who suffers from the Feratu virus, she arrives in Trinity as a last ditch effort to find the last Sentinal and train him to defend the city and the human race from annihilation from the Genesis soldiers. She begins to wonder if such a feat can be achieved when she is unable to locate him quickly through her ability to feel his Ki. However, she finds a man shot into swiss cheese yet still alive somehow and decides maybe there is some kind of luck out of the situation. Despite all this, she is haunted by her past which torments her every second she is awake.

Kira Zirkov – An unclassified super soldier, spawned from the Genesis project she has super human speed and strength. Loyal to her team for whom she’s known her entire life, she arrives in Trinity along with the rest of ARMOR. Her personal mission is to find the other Sentinal twin to benefit ARMOR’s intentions of world domination. She plays a key role in Sion’s understanding of his past and his future.

Secondary Characters

ARMOR (Armed Recon Mobile Operation Reserve)

Trevor – Demolition’s for the PMC A.R.M.O.R, low ranked but powerful.

Gantz – Sniper and mentor to Kira, under everyone she trained with Gantz has taught her to be vigilant and always be on alert. Because of this Kira has never been in any serious danger.

Han – A covert stealth assassin for ARMOR, he has the ability to manipulate his cells too be transparent, along with his enhanced strength he has proven a valuable asset to ARMOR. He is mostly used for stealth missions.

Tesla – She’s fast, utilizes power of electricity however her pain tolerance is very weak due to the fact that she has never been wounded in combat. She has seen many battles but has always evaded harm.

Aries – The leader of ARMOR, his power is unmatched and always increasing. He is the other Sentinal besides Dorian and Sion, he does however have a flaw but it has yet to be revealed.


Remington Biggs – He is called in on a multiple homicide case after Amanda shortly arrives in Trinity. He finds out who is responsible for the murders, Amanda “Widow” Banes. He is now on a unretlentless search to bring her in.

Nancy Garland – Biggs’s partner, she has worked many homicide cases before, but not like this. She is the only one capable of handling Biggs and his ego. She is also very punctual and goes by the book and therefore keeps him in line.

   Aeons were an ancient race predating the book of Genesis, they lived outside of human interaction and possessed an intellectual understanding of the universe. The Aeons also possessed unique abilities regarding strength, intellect and elemental powers. Their civilization was so advanced that they perfected astral travel, time travel and understood physics on a galactic scale. However, they watched the humans grow as a species and watched them as they became altered from being under the influence of the Nephilim, “fallen angels”. The entire human race came to be enslaved by the Nephilim and the entire human gene pool became contaminated. In order to destroy this threat the Aeons’ built many pyramids throughout the world in order to instantly travel to combat the Nephilim. They came to the conclusion that in order to destroy this threat they must flood the earth and drown them and purify the human race. Only one family was not altered by the Nephilim, Noah. As they did, they decided to let the world be populated by Noah, as they moved their civilization to Mars from Stonehenge. As they did, the Nephilim decided to wage an all out war against the Aeons. This battle lasted for years, unnoticed by Humans, the Aeons were becoming extinct. The collective minds of the Aeons committed a genetic suicide in order to get rid of the Nephilim once and for all. They decided to destroy the atmosphere and destroy their cities, all signs of civilizations to wipe them out. Mars was staind with the blood of both races and their grave was left untouched for millennia, until 2027 when an expedition from Earth stumbled upon DNA capsules of both the Nephilim and Aeons along with tablets and writings in different languages known to man. Thus the Genesis project came underway.


   The year is 2054, the human population has been reduced down to less than two billion. Wars, famine and disease were the cause of mans’ downfall. During World War III each major country involved developed new weapons, these weapons were much more powerful than any gun, bomb or bio warfare agent ever conceived. These weapons were people; man had now at this time the power of God. Thanks to advanced research in genetics and cloning, not withstanding unknown DNA samples from Mars, these people created what many have dubbed, “Genesis soldiers.” The project for the United States was called the Genesis Project, a concept of Heinrich Himler during World War II for Nazi Germany. These beings were created with limitless power, depending on their designation of class.
   The Destroyer, had the ability to supercharge objects on the molecular level to the point of combustion. Statics, created electricity out of their own life energy from their bodies, over 3 gigawatts. Sonics, quick, deadly and precise, these soldiers can run faster than the speed of sound. Shadows, these entities can manipulate their own cells to be transparent and can be invisible even through thermal vision. Finally, Sentinels, only three of these were made, a set of twins and a third party made by a lone scientist, these had the ability to adapt to anything thrown at them and could increase their strength to an unbelievable level.
However, the creator of the twins had no intention of using her creations for War against human enemies. Her intention was to make sure that the Genesis’ would not turn on their God, just as humans have done.


The entire story takes place in the city of Trinity, the last American city built after WWIII, Trinity was created for the relocation of major city populaces. Trinity has three islands all connected by bridges, a middle/lower class district, business district and finally, the upper class district. Most of which takes place in the Lower class part of one of the islands.


Feratu virus – a super virus that is thought to have been eradicated, during World War III, the virus seems to imitate to that of vampirism. When one has the virus, strength has increased, skin becomes as tough as steel when UV rays are absent, human blood is needed to prevent virus from reaching the brain which causes intense violent psychosis.
Genesis – A super soldier project, made to prevent human casualties in various military conflicts.

Who dare interrupts my booming kuwanging?
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