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April 14, 2011, 01:11:42 pm #0

The 3DS

So yea, I bought the 3DS the week it came out. Why? Because it has really cool games like Resident Evil: Mercenaries and Dead or Alive! Of course, only after they rung it up did they tell me the Resident Evil game hasn't been released yet. So I have to wait to July. Considering I mainly bought the 3DS only for those games I walked out of the store without buying any new games. But even with no good games I still carry my 3DS around all the time.

They didn't have a slick black one anymore so I was stuck with the ugly blue color one. But, Nintendo really outdid themselves with this one. They've always been trying out revolutionary changes to video games and what they did with the 3DS is beyond imagination. Some things the 3DS can do is something expected out of the film Minority Report.

The Gameboy comes with a pack of cards. I haven't found a use for some of them yet, but the one with a cube... You put it on a table or any flat surface (i used my bed) and the camera on the back identifies the card and starts a game using the 3D graphcis. The game is simple. You aim at targets and shoot time, however, you move the 3DS around to aim. The thing of all is that the targets pop out of your table. It even makes a hole into your table and you have to look over the card and aim in the hole to shoot it. And for the finale a dragon bursts out of the table and attacks you. In order to defeat the dragon you have to shuffle in a 180 degree angle to get behind him and shoot him in the back (this was difficult to do on my bed).
3D graphics popping out at you, all from your Gameboy looking at a card sitting on a flat surface. It's just mind-numbing and you just have to see it to believe it.

I brought my 3DS to my parents house just to show them. The only video game they ever play is Farmville, but when I showed them this card they were in so much awe they insisted on playing all the way through. Its eye-candy without a bikini.

Nintendo also did something that made me so proud. They put a pedometer in it and you get little game coins for walking long distances. Now, I've found no use for the game coins other than some little mini-games built into the 3DS, but just the fact that you get bonuses for going outside and walking? Now the fatty and pale gamers will go outside for a walk so they can get their game coins. It's a great contribution for the health of their consumers. Now fatties will walk around and get some exercise and lower the risk of a heart attack, and the pale gamers will go darken up their skin as they walk to the grocery store to buy more chips and soda.

Another cute thing about walking around is collecting Mii's. Just like in the Wii you can create miniature versions of yourself or friends called "Mii's". And there are some mini-games called "Mii Plaza" you can play with the Mii's, but only by using other peoples' Mii's. To do that, you have to walk by someone else with a 3DS. And the fun thing is, and they get a Mii of your choice also. You can send them a little message also as they pick up your Mii.
Ever since I got my 3DS I've been carrying it in my pocket hoping to catch someone else's Mii so I can play some of these Mini-games, but no dice so far.

They also have some minor changes from the DS lite that make it nicer. The stylus still fits in the Gameboy, but it's much harder to get out; if you don't have any nails you can forget about getting it out. The stylus is now telescopic making it good for both adult hands and children hands. Although there's one thing that's not very children friendly and that's getting the game cards. For adults it's nothing, but the game cards are *much* tougher to push out. While that might be a little difficult for younger kids to get their cards out, it means less accidents about pushing the cards out, or having the cards pop out of your pocket while being in your pocket (which has happened to me before). And unlike the other Gameboys with internal batteries the 3DS is charged in a cradle instead of just a plug in AC adapter. Takes up some space on the desk, but nothing to do about it.

I've only had a few problems with it, but they are very trivial. While I like that the "on" button is in the inside to avoid being turned on by accident, the volume switch in on the side and volume will constantly be raised to the max the next time I turn it on, blaring the boring menu music at me (thank goodness it's not as loud as the DS). The other trivial complaint is that I keep it in my pocket and it seems to pick up every piece of lint or dust that's in my pocket and I don't know how (considered it always stays closed), but the dust gets *all over* the top screen and I always find myself wiping it clean only to have it dirty again whenever I put it in my pocket.

But, there are mountains of other features I haven't even looked at yet, and I still haven't played any 3DS games either.
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