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March 29, 2011, 07:23:47 pm #0
emperor Zkye

Shadow of the Emperor

This topic is for you guys to critisize, dismember, enjoy, hate, or just read or whatever. yeah it's my story, and I would like your input on it so yeah please comment and give some hints thanks.

"It was Christianity which first painted the devil on the worlds wall; It was Christianity which first brought sin into the world. Belief in the cure which it offered has now been shaken to it's deepest roots; but belief in the sickness which it taught and propagated continues to exist'."
March 29, 2011, 07:24:05 pm #1
emperor Zkye

Re: Shadow of the Emperor

I was playing around with some of the lesser class kids, most noble parents forbade this action but mine cared not. The sound of airships took my attention off the game. I saw the crest of the empire on the belly of the ships (not like they could be anybody else’s ships) and I knew my brother was either on one of them or at some imperial military base. My brother as just a mere foot soldier, better armed and armored than most other foot soldiers just as all noble recruits, aided immensely in the creation of the airship. Honestly all I remember him doing was suggesting slave labor be used on these ships to create enough energy for it to fly. Many of the children began to wave at ships thinking a family member may be on one. Then a large rock came falling from the first airship, it was going to land up the street a ways but I knew the explosive power of the rock Rubincium. “Run!” I yell to all the kids around me as I began running away myself, but it was too late for most of those kids as the rock exploded on impact sending me to the ground ten feet forward.
A little history lesson for those of you not from the empire or ones that never paid attention in history class or current events. Three years before this happened an imperial slave mining team was prospecting a new area when they gave the pick to one of the minotaur the force he brought down on the newly discovered rock was enough to cause an explosion to kill every body inside the mine. The men that were left on the surface either ran for their lives or went in to investigate. Rubin Lionee was among the group that went in to investigate there were only three survivors all slaves two minotaur and a vullcian. When asked what happened the only replied “exploding rock” and were killed because there usefulness had ended when injured. The others left complaining at what a waste that entire mine was but Rubin decided to do a few tests on the substance.
He had a very small pebble of the new found rock. He dropped it from about five feet and nothing happened he brought down a small hammer upon it and nothing happened, but when he brought down a sledge upon the rock the explosive force threw him back onto his back. He sent his observations to his commander and many of the other officers of the Imperial military. None thought the rock of any use, they asked him what usefulness could an exploding rock have if it wouldn’t explode when a foot soldier threw it? But my brother had just been promoted for his airship ideas and had received the letter himself and realized that if dropped from an airship the rock would gain enough speed to hit the ground hard enough to cause the explosive result.
It was tested on a castle belonging to a resisting country and did extremely well. Not only did it bring about the defeat of the occupants, it killed them all, and ruined the castle. My brother was then promoted to what I like to call a lazy general (you know… the ones that don’t fight, that stay around the palace and move figures on a board like chess or mage wars pieces). My brother told me this was the story but to cover up the fact that any creatures were involved and that no one thought of it’s usefulness they gave my brother the promotion and Lionee nobility to shut them up.
I wasn’t injured but I was shocked at why they would drop Rubincium on us, there own people! I looked back seven of the ten kids I was playing with were dead, the other 3 were as good as dead with missing limbs, charred bodies, and not to mention the fact that the were now blind, deaf, and their sense of smell and feeling now either gone or extremely limited. Was this an accident? I ask myself. “No!” I yell as I look up in the sky and see even more rocks falling to the earth.
I ran. To where? Out of the village, it was the only safe place. Rubincium fell around me destroying building after building. One rock fell close and threw me against a nearby wall knocking the breath out of me, but the adrenaline kept me going. Three rocks fell in front of me destroying both buildings on the side of my path creating a wall of rubble. I made a quick right most of these buildings were already destroyed. The sight of the burning buildings, charred bodies, and rubble is imprinted on the back side of my eyelids, in perfect silence I hear the sounds of exploding Rubincium and the screams of dying people around me, any smell of smoke smells like burning flesh and wood, when my legs fall asleep I feel like I’m running for my life from the people I once trusted, when a foul taste enters my mouth I taste the ashes of the burning buildings around me.
The only thing that was left in my way was the gate house which was now in shambles and impassible. I saw my only escape. I ran up a perfectly positioned plank that was on lying on top of a ruined house and jumped onto the roof of the next house and ran to the end and jumped over the wall but while I was in the air a rock fell behind me exploding, sending me as well as a portion of the stone wall 40 feet away. Upon hitting the ground I lost consciousness.
The feeling of someone tugging on my body woke me from my sleepless slumber. My eyes opened to a blurry world I couldn’t move so I blinked to try to clear my vision. I could only hear a mumbling, maybe fires burning or the person dragging me I couldn’t tell. My eyes opened for about the seventh time opening to a clear world of disaster. The only movement I saw was the flames and a building collapsing. My ears regained their hearing and I heard my captor say “How could one survive?!” Pure exhaustion put me back into a coma only to dream about even more carnage.

"It was Christianity which first painted the devil on the worlds wall; It was Christianity which first brought sin into the world. Belief in the cure which it offered has now been shaken to it's deepest roots; but belief in the sickness which it taught and propagated continues to exist'."
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