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July 12, 2010, 01:06:26 pm #0

Franchise games

I *always* turn a blind eye to franchise games. They're just for fanboys and fangirls of some movie or tv show, but a 10 year old girl combed through the crap and found me a franchise game that was actually good.

Don't hate me-- It's Naruto Shipputen: Clash of Ninja Revolution 3

It's one hell of a good fighting game. In a shell, it's Tekken gameplay with a little flavor of Guilty Gear in the gameplay.

It plays like Dead or Alive, that whoever gets the first hit gets to juggle the opponent till the opponent has half-health. The only way to stop those stupid combos are be using 3/4th of their "Chakra" (energy bar) to break free-- ninja style (using a tree stump)! This easily fixed by using the handicaps to greatly increase the health to make rounds last longer, and increase that rate which Chakra grows, so it's easy to cut some of those ridiculous combos in half. Something that *can't* be fixed in DOA. The characters are all *very* different have different gameplay. Some characters use puppets to fight, another has a poison that reverses the opponent's movement. Rumor is, one character can copy the opponent's move, but I haven't seen it yet. There is also 4 player simultaneous fighting which can get very hectic at times, but the 4 player mode can also set teams. 1 on 3 is fairly hard but winning is not impossible and the challenge is *very* fun.

In a nutshell, it's an easy game children can play, but when the handicap is set to the player's limit, the game can be very fun for adults as well.

Have any of you bought a franchise game and found it fun to play? Leave it to a 10 year old girl to find me an awesome fighting game hidden by the name "Naruto".

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