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February 20, 2009, 06:13:00 PM *
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February 09, 2009, 12:08:21 AM #0

Cerberus sig

So I may as well post something here about my new siggy. There's actually two versions, one of which is for another forum.

I specifically made the greenish text because the character uses two breath attacks: poison and cold, with poison being his primary means of attack. Since I'm both too lazy and too out of practice to try messing with the actual Cerberus image too much, i decided to just stylize the text.

I'd tried to make a stylized effect background to put the image onto, but I didn't want to take the effort to cut the Cerberus out of the black background he comes on.
In fact, that's how I caused the Cerberus to be darkened. I put a background behind it and set the image layer to, I think, soft light, causing the image behind to show through somewhat.

Not what I was trying to do, but it sure looks cool.

I might spend some time in Photoshop with another idea I have for this image that might actually turn out cool, but I don't have the care to try it just yet.
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Illusions of the past. You think to have cast them off,
only to find them years later, unwearying, unrelenting.
The past can bind a man as surely as irons.
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