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December 26, 2008, 04:11:54 PM #0
jigoku kaiten

Shot to Pieces: Dead Bang

Shot to Pieces

   Chapter 1: Blood Bath

                     It was three o clock in the morning, and aside from a few barks and the sounds of the rain, it was quiet. Cars lined the street in front of Detective Go Dakis apartment, where he stood at the base of the small wooden steps. He knew that his fiancé, Oko, was inside waiting for him. He had called her before he came home.

   Its over, he had said, nearly crying at the sound of her voice, I can come home now. She had cried also, and the conversation had been an enjoyable, albeit tearful one. For years Go had been undercover. While doing so, the young detective had picked up a smoking habit. Go took a drag of his cigarette. He walked up the steps and unlocked the door. A smile came over his sharp face as he took one last drag and threw the butt to the side.

   As was custom, he removed his shoes before stepping into the hallway. Framed posters of western musicians lined the walls. Nice touch, he thought, slowly making his way past the kitchen.


   No answer.

   Are you asleep? he called out, assuming so. Still he was given no reply.
                     Suddenly, he stopped and his nostrils flared. Just as suddenly, he continued through the apartment. He kept his hand on the gun tucked in the back of his belt. He stopped just before the door of their bathroom. That is when his hand drew the gun and foot broke the door.

                     There was a click as the thirty eight, which Go had previously held onto so tightly, fell to the bathroom floor. He felt his heart fall right along with it. He had found Oko, but not like he had hoped. Where had expected to see a smile, he saw blood. Her head had been blown upon the bathroom wall. Her slender figure lied naked in a bath of blood.

   Go fell to his knees. Tears in his eyes and, a hole in his heart, he grabbed the .357 magnum. For a moment he held it under his chin. He tried to pull the trigger, but his hands wouldnt stop shaking.

   Fuck, he barely managed to mumble. Again, the thirty eight hit the floor. The detectives eyes darted from the gun to Oko, his mind racing more and more. Somehow he was able to get to his feet.

   What&? Why&, asked Go, sounding more and more like a mad man with every word. Only the ring of the telephone brought him out of his daze. Even so, he didnt answer it. Instead he kept his gaze on the tub and the gun. The phone rung a final time, and he let the answering machine divide his attention.

   Detective, are you there? came the voice from the other line.

   Gos eyes immediately darted to the phone. Shageki, his mind screamed. For some reason he had expected his supervisor, Chief Mura to call.

   Listen, I hope Im not interrupting anything. I know that your wife was really looking forward to-.

   The phone was in the officers hand now.

   So, you are there? said Shageki, his voice just on the brink of laughing.

   Go said nothing.

   I always liked that about you. You dont talk much. Thats good, because I want you to listen. Its been eight years since I found you. You were just a wannabe before I found you. Just another spoiled child with a knack for trouble, remember?
   Of course you dont. It was all pretend remember? Just a fucking paycheck to you, neh?   

   Did you just call to talk about old times? Go spat back, Why did you do it, and how do you know who I am?

   If there are rats in my trap, then its only natural that there are rats in yours, explained Shageki, his voice getting rougher now, And as for why? Ask yourself, or better yet, come outside. We can talk face to face. My phone bill is getting expensive these days.

   Before the infuriated detective could say anything else, the conversation ended with a click. He could feel his blood boiling. He went back to the bathroom, said a prayer for Oko, and grabbed the magnum. He checked it before he went outside.

   Shageki leaned on a car across the street, as promised.  Go stared him down as he came down the steps. As soon as his foot touched the sidewalk, a man rushed him from his left. He was stopped, however, by a knee to the stomach. Coldly, the detective pushed him into a car. The passengers side window was shattered, as a bullet entered his throat and came out the other side. The man who came from his right was shot in the sternum.

   He went into shock in the middle of the sidewalk. Four, thought Go, keeping track of the rounds he had left. When he made it to the car, within inches of Shageki, all four of its doors opened. Men in suits and sun glasses stepped out. Each man carried a pistol.
                    You might as well drop it, cop, said the Yakuza boss, You only have four shots left. Either way this goes, youre going to die.

                    I dont give a fu-, he began to yell, but the feeling of cold steel at the back of his head robbed him of his boldness.

                    You might want to start caring, because these guys certainly dont. I dont want to kill you, detective. I want to help you.

                    You want to help me!? How!? I dont even know why any of this is happening, answered Go, his voice threatening to choke with tears.

                    There, there. Its alright. Remember Chimoko?

                    Chimoko brought up a memory. A memory that he would have done anything to forget.

                    So, you knew? The whole time, you knew? asked Go, all emotion fading from him.

   Of course I knew. Why do you think I killed your woman? I was looking out for you. She died thinking that you were always faithful. Secrets like that are hard to keep, neh? You might be some kind of super cop, but you wouldve broken. At least I saved her heart, explained Shageki, Its not her death Ive come to discuss, though. Im more interested in mine.
   Come on, lets take a ride. As a show of good faith, Ill even let you keep your gun. All I ask in return is that you unload it.

   You dont leave me with much choice, grumbled Go, spinning the chamber out of the revolver. The sound of hollow tips hitting the black top echoed into the night. Without any warning, Shageki pulled a nine millimeter from his belt. The man waiting by the back door on the left let out yell when he was shot three times in the chest.

   Wouldnt want my guest to be uncomfortable. Please, get in detective, he said, putting the gun back in his belt. Reluctantly, Go did the same. I watched you die, he thought, I saved your life. Then he lit another cigarette, and got in. Where he was going, he did not know
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"In this world gone bad, we won't spank the monkey. The monkey will spank us"-Jay
December 29, 2008, 12:27:13 AM #1
jigoku kaiten

Re: Shot to Pieces: Dead Bang

*quick note* The title come's from a lyric in Hoyt Aston's, "The Pusher"

Chapter 2: God Damn the Pusher

   The car ride was the most uncomfortable ride that detective hard ever taken. Almost like riding in the car with a new partner, he thought. The sights of the city did little to ease his anxiety. She's dead, he told himself, everything you've ever known has been shot to pieces. Your life, your love, and pretty soon, you.
    Go sat motionless. The man stting next to him kept his pistol in his lap. What he wouldn't give to scracth that itch, the detective mused to himself. He wondered if he could take him, but he knew that he would not be able to stop Shageki or the driver in time.

    "Here you go, detective," said Shageki, handing him a cigarette. It was a strange, self rolled smoke. The smell alone intrigued him. Marijuana had always intrigued him.  Curiosity had propelled him into the narcotics department.

    "A spliff? You kill my wife, and you give me a spliff?" he asked.

    "Shh, shh, I know. You've had a very hard day. Go on, you deserve it," explained the yakuza boss, "Besides. It will help our conversation."

    "Might as well kill my morals too," he mumbled, before dragging the marijuana cigarette. A fire consumed his chest and throat, but he did not cough. Instead, he tried to hand it back. Shageki did not take it.

    "No, you need it, detective," he said, "You think i'm going to kill you, neh? No, no, i'm not going to kill you. You might just kill yourself."

    His words seemed to echo. Go's world became gray.

    "What?" Go thought he haerd himself say.

    "What's that? You need me to repeat myself?"

    A sharp pain shot through the detectives arm. Shageki beamed at him in the rear view mirror.

    "Pusher didn't design a new drug, you know? He designed a diisease. A disease running through our systems as we speak," said the yakuza boss.

    "So, what about the poison? What was the-," asked Go, "Our systems?"

    Fuck, the shot, he thought. The smile of approval on the passenger's face confirmed his hunch.

    "There is no cure, but there is a treatment. I have it. Pusher doesn't know it, but I have it," explained Shageki.

    "Fuck you and your cure."

    "Fuck me now, but in three days..."

    "What!? I die? Nothing can be worse than this!"

    The man beside him shifted uncomfortably. Shageki spun on the detective with a fury.

    "I'll tell you what can be worse! Knowing what could happen if you don't take the meds!," he let out a sigh before continuing, "All you need to know is that it hurts. It hurts like a motherfucker, a bitch, and three hells, detective! Pusher is going to tear these streets apart.
    He's already started. This city is on the brink of war. He killed me, and he won't stop until he has it all. I wouldn't. And I'm not."

    "What the hell do you want me to do? I'm just a detective. Just one gun against a hundred."

    "Yes, but you're a detective. It's your job, neh? Striking at Pusher now would be foolish. I have a few faithful, but not enough. Pusher has already taken a few turfs. I'll have to strike him when he's vulnerable.
    I need him dead bang."

    "Fuck off," said Go.

    "I'll give you three days. Apartment four two zero," replied Shageki, bringing the car to a halt, "Out."

    The man next to the detective shoved the pistol into his face. Not wasting a second, he opened the door. It was dawn now. A slight fog had rolled in. He slammed the door. Rubber squeeled as it spinned across the pavement.

    "Three days!" yelled the Yakuza boss, as the car raced off. Go watched it just long enough to light up a cigarette. Wearily he turned toward the building behind him. The stares leading to the floor up above were sunken with age. A young man passed him on the way up and told him where to go. Since he didn't have the key, he sat outside, cross legged and against the rail. A few hours later he was given a peak of his next door neighbor.

    She was a cute girl, whith choppy blue jair. Her short skirt left little to the imagination, and her physique gave away her habits.

    "Do you have another smoke?" she asked, standing in her doorway.

    Go took the pack out of his pocket, and handed it to her.

    "Lucky Number Sevens?" she said, examining them. "You moving in?"
    "Just for a few days," he replied, taking his cigarettes back.

    "Do you have a piece?"


    "You know, a gun?"

    "I know, but why do you ask?"

   "I don't know," said the girl, shrugging her shoulders as she did so.

    "Are you expecting a man with a gun?"

    "No, i'm expecting the man looking for four zero two. Does he have a gun?"

    "Who are you?"

    "Jimako," she answered.


    "Ah, now that we know each other, come on in."

    Leisurely, the detective rose to his feet. Before he entered Jimako's home, he took the revolver out of his belt. He tried to hand it to her, but she told him to keep it.

    "Sorry it took me so long to get you. I fell asleep on the couch," she explained.

    "To get me? I'll be staying here for the night?"

    "Shageki told me to keep you here for the next three days.Police will be crawling all over your place."

    My place, thought, I no longer have a place...
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"In this world gone bad, we won't spank the monkey. The monkey will spank us"-Jay
December 29, 2008, 11:16:49 PM #2
jigoku kaiten

Re: Shot to Pieces: Dead Bang

Chapter 3: The Other Side

    Go stepped into the living room. He looked to his right. On kitchen counter sat a bag.

    "Sorry, I should've cleaned up," she said, walking past him.

    "No, it's fine," he told her, "After a while, you become used to the sight."

    "Please, have a seat on the couch. I have some left overs if you're hungry."

    The detective allowed himself to rest. There was a coffee table in front of the couch, which sat facing the television on the stand against the wall. Both the stand and the coffee table provided room for ash trays and bottles. I don't see how she's survived three days, he thought, taking comfort in his gun. She might have had his company, but she did not have his trust.

     A rancid smell came from the kitchen. Go could feel his stomach turning. That is when he thought he heard glass shatter upon the kitchen floor.

    "Jimako!" he called, rushing from the coutch to the kitchen. She jumped at the sight of him.

    "I dropped my pipe, that's all."

    "Looks like you've had enough for one day, Jimako. You look tired."

    "I can't rest. I have to send my little brother off to school in a few hours."

    "You have a younger brother?"

    "He's sleeping in my room."

    Un-fucking-believable, he thought, you get high while he sleeps?

    "...I'll send him off. Sleep on the couch," said the detective, his tone flat.

    "You don't get it do you?" she asked.

    "What's there to get? You're raising a child around drugs. He should be with his parents."

    "We have no parents. I wish it were that easy, but it's not. You think it is? How would you like to balance an addiction with a child?"

    "That's not what I-."

    "It is," she yelled, beginning to sob, "That is what you meant. You think i'm just another fuck up? Just another junkie living amongst filth! Shageki took us in. He takes care of us. All that he asks is that I keep his drugs, and make his profit."

    In the hallway, a boy by the age of twelve wiped the sleep out of his eyes.

    "Sis," he said, no bass to his voice.

    "Hideo. what are you doing up?"

    "I thought I heard you crying."

    "No, no, I was just telling Go what a fine boy you are," she replied, wiping her eyes.

    "Hideo-san, is it?" asked the detective, kneeling to the boy's level, "You're sister looks very tired, wouldn't you say? I can't convince her to rest. Would you try?"

    The gentleness of the detective's voice calmed him.

    "Sis, I had a bad dream," lied the boy.

    "Alright," she said, leading him back into her room, "You can sleep on the couch, Go."

     When she closed the door, he lit up a cigarette. The couch was comfortable, but he could not sleep. He was glad to be alone. No children, no drugs, and for the most part, no yakuza. Now he could think. Shageki had him.
    Both of them knew it. Either way he was dead. If he didn't assist his fiance's murderer, the disease would eat away at him until he died. But if he did, his conscious would do the same. Maybe I should've pulled the trigger, he thought. No, not yet, you're not dead. You still have time. Not much, but you still have time.
    "It's never fun on the other side of the gun," he said aloud, taking out his own. He sat it on the coffee table. Within moments, he was fast asleep.

    When he awoke, he found himself alone. Jimako's door was wide open. Sunlight poured through the window, and spilled out into the living room. There was note on the coffee table. He picked it up and read it aloud.

    "Took Hideo to the zoo, will be back at four," he read, smoking as he did so. It was two. Go put the note back on the coffee table and headed outside. A sign down the street caught his eye. The Cookie Cookie Dojo was a hot spot for yakuza and teen agers alike. The food wasn't half bad either. His stomach growled. Almost as if it were a guide leading him to fulfillment.

    Once inside, he took a table located in the middle of the resturaunt. A group of school girls sat behind him, chattering away in their uniforms. When his waiter came, he ordered a meal of charcoaled fish and rice. He could hear the girls behind him. There laughter annoyed him, but he said nothing. One of them began going through her purse. Click.
    She rose up with a nine millimeter in her hand. Go managed to tilt his chair back just in time to watch his meal get shot up. The floor was not kind on his back. By now, all four girls had guns in their hands. The detective rolled back, allowing his chair to take the bullets for him. The first to fire was the first to feel the edge of the table when her target kicked it into her. Go caught the nine as it flew from her hand, and over the table.
    Another girl sat at the bar. Shotgun pellets flew at the crouched cop. In response, he tipped the table over as he vaulted over it. The recently disarmed girl convulsed in pain as the pellets entered her back. Three more girls waited on the same side with him. One tried to pin him to the ground when hit hit it.
    She was shot in the stomach before she could even aim her gun. The other two were shot in the knees, one after the other. Quickly, he grabbed the straddling girls gun. He finished the other two off with consecutive head shots. The girl on top of him flew over the table with a pistol whip. He then dashed to his right, sliding over a table and doging shotgun blasts along the way.
    Once he stopped to return fire, but he missed and ran into the kitchen. The shotgun girl was in close pursuit. When she entered the kitchen there was no sign of him. She stopped by the doorway, and pulled out a cell phone.

    "I've lost him in the kitchen," she said, "Come through the back."

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December 30, 2008, 09:21:05 PM #3
jigoku kaiten

Re: Shot to Pieces: Dead Bang

*currently in progress*
Chapter 4: In Through the Out Door

     Go crawled around the counter. For once, his clumsiness had saved him. The grease on the floor had caused him to lose his balance. His assailant put her cell phone away, and began to circle the counter. Oblivious of the slinking detective behind her.
    OR was she? She whirled around with her gun at the ready. Go was coming at her fast. She tried to shoot, but he kicked the gun from her hands. Pans crashed to the kitchen floor. The swift kick from the detective had sent her into them.
     Go caught the falling shotgun, but a flying pan knocked it out of his hands. Pain shot through his jaw. He could have sworn that the metal vibrated against his head. The shotgun had flown over the counter. The girl attempted to jump across the counter for it, but the groggy detective stopped her.
    With force, he pulled the girl from the counter. She attempted to get up, but Go removed the stolen pistols from his belt.

    "Snake eyes," he said, glancing nervously at the back door, "Who are you?"

    Before she could say anything, the sound of breaking bolts caught his attention. One by one, the locks on the kitchen door began to break. Go pinned the girl down with a vicious stomp to the chest.

    "Who the fuck are you!?" he yelled.

    A scream erupted at the back door. Shells flew as a girl pulled the trigger of an Uzi. Go felt the bullets breathing down his neck as he leaped off of the girl, and across the counter. The one with the Uzi ran inside. She took cover behind a grill.
    The detective dropped the pistols, and grabbed the shot gun. He could hear the first one moving on the otherside. Shotgun pellets from the other side of the cabinet stopped her dead in her tracks. If the bullets don't kill her, those splinters will, he thought...

     People were being led to safety by police officers outside. Detective Wu crept around the back, his gun in his hand. He stopped at the corner. Sweat began to trickle from his thinning hair, and down his forehead. Cautiously, he peaked around th corner. The back door of the kitchen was wide open. Gunfire erupted in the kitchen.

   "Police!" yelled Wu, hitting the doorway.

    The sound of gunfire was replaced with shouts. He stuck his head in the doorway, his gun still at the ready. A man lunged at him, and threw him to the ground. Bullets chipped the doorway at his feet. Wu jumped up. He took refuge behind the dumpster. He wanted to yell at the man who had saved him, but he knew that it was pointless. He'll just keep on running, he thought, and the other will easily kill you...

    Go stopped running a few blocks away. The pain racking his body left him no other choice. He braced himself against the wall of the liquor store. Blood spilled from his coughing mouth. A kid riding by on his bicycle stopped to ask him if he was alright. In response, he fell to one knee. The coughing ceased, but he was too stunned to answer the cyclist.

    "Hold on, mister," said the kid, pulling out his cell phone.

    "Wait, kid," Go finally managed to blurt out, "There's no need. I'm fine."


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"In this world gone bad, we won't spank the monkey. The monkey will spank us"-Jay
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