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Author Topic: Holiday Store  (Read 202 times)
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Holiday Store
« on: December 13, 2008, 03:24:29 PM »

So apparently there are some strange issues with the Flash site these days.  Flash refuses to show it on some browsers, saying they need to dl Flash and install, regardless of it already being installed.  Not knowing exactly what's going on with that I'm gonna set up some stuff here until Monday when I can program an HTML store.

If you'd like anything from this year's sale please just PM or email me and I'll send you an invoice thingy.  Smiley

Orders over $20 receive a holiday print and orders over $30 receive the print and a download card for Absinthe Junk's EP.  The shipping does NOT count towards your order total.

Book 1 : $9.95 (org. $14.95)
Book 1, Part 2 Ltd Edition : $12.95 (org. $16.95)
Juno Figurine : $19.95 (org. $24.95)
Black T-Shirt : $8.95 (org. $14.95)
Grey T-Shirt : $8.95 (org. $12.95)
SCD OST Alpha : $12.95
SCD Group Poster : $10.95 (org. $14.95)
Juno and Shades Poster : $9.95 (org. $14.95)

Sorry for the inconvenience everyone - I'm going to work to get this fixed asap.  Thanks so much to anyone who is willing to help out the site this holiday season.  It means the world!

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