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Author Topic: The most depressing games.  (Read 303 times)
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The most depressing games.
« on: December 19, 2007, 07:40:44 PM »

I just finished playing Dreamfall, after 2 days of constant playing, and it just ruined my day. I was excited about beating the game and seeing the ending and when that happened I almost cried. I sat through the end of the credits saying "This can't be the ending... It can't be!"

Almost every good charecter dies except for about 2. I'm in such a bad mood.

First to die is Reza, The main  protagonist's ex-boyfriend and close friend. You don't see his corpse but you do see his blood spilled everywhere and his bloody lighter on the floor. Next it goes on and on killing off every good charecter little by little.

Some arent even shown dead, but you know they are dead. Such as the main protagonist's other close friend, who is caught using a government only phone line. After you hang up from that phone conversation you never hear or see  her again.

Another is a guy Damien who the main protagonist has a short romance scene with. He leaves you a message saying that the main bad guys had found a worm (you helped) installed into the computer and they will trace it back to him. So he left you behind, with leads on where to go next. Consitering the bad guys is the most resorceful company in the world(s) it's easy to assume he was murdered by them.

And the main protaganist herself, by her own mother, no less. A woman she though who was dead for so long. She only cyrpticlly confessed it after she dugged her daughter and put her into a coma, until her death.

And that barely scratches the surface.

There are 3 Main protaganists, and I just listed one, the one with the least ammount of friends and relatives.

So what other games have you played that have such a dramatic and depressing ending?

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Re: The most depressing games.
« Reply #1 on: December 20, 2007, 12:12:14 PM »

Superman for N64, such bad programming, makes you want to break the controller. Seriously though, Silent Hill 2 and 4 just because in 2 you go through the entire game thinking youre looking for your dead wife in order to be reunited with her, but you find out the truth. Silent Hill 4, just one of the locals, it's a prison for children who are kept against their will and are brain washed for a cult, not to mention you have to do certain things to get a good ending.


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Re: The most depressing games.
« Reply #2 on: December 29, 2007, 11:38:45 AM »

Unreal II for PC.

 I didn't really like the mechanics of the game, and the lack of multiplayer... but that's not the reason why the game's rather depressing.

 Near the end of the game, you hope on to some space ship, and as you escape it, you receive a message from your crew (who staid behind just before you got on that space ship, basically so you could get on it or something, I don't quite remember), ya know the ''if you get this, we're all dead, but we just wanted to let you know it was all worth it.'' and you get pretty much everyone to say their lil something, then the game ends.

 So nop, ''the dude doesn't get the chick'' (aka the ''hot'' operator that talks to you during the game, tells you what to do and all)

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Re: The most depressing games.
« Reply #3 on: January 01, 2008, 05:29:06 AM »

Ico. Initially, you think the game's ending badly, and that made me feel terrible. But if you stick around after the credits you find out differently. ;P

Shadow of the Colossus. That ending was really sad, since everything the main character goes through in the game is done to bring a girl (either his sister or his girlfriend, they never really say) back to life, but at the end he gets cursed by other people from his clan for disobeying their laws and traversing into the forbidden lands. I won't give it away, but for all intents and purposes he's "dead", and yet the girl still wakes up, and she's sealed off in the forbidden lands with no one but a horse (not quite true, but like I said I won't completely spoil it) to talk to.

I'd have to say that the most a game has ever made me feel depressed would be Final Fantasy X's ending. The story between Tidus and Yuna is so sad, and they have some wonderful scenes together in that game (If you've seen the Macalania pool sequence, you know what I'm talking about). I found the ending to be the one of the saddest game endings I've seen.

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