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Author Topic: Love in Seasons  (Read 32 times)
cajun mafia


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Love in Seasons
« on: November 07, 2007, 03:31:13 PM »

This was sticking to the back of my head for all of October and I have Nicole to thank for getting it out with a lovely picture of autumn leaves turning red in her lj. Comments and critiques are always appreciated. I'm sure it still needs plenty of work. This is not a very refined version of it, it's still pretty much in it's first draft form. I've only tweaked it a little, otherwise this is how it came out.

Autumn carries flames
through the sunlit sky.

The trees are catching fire now.
It starts high in the branches,
tipping the leaves
in a red that soon devours it whole,
spreading down like kerosene
until the entire tree is inflamed,

The branches drop their brittle foliage;
careless feet crunch through the debris,
leaving powdered glass shards in their wake.

They crumble away,
the jagged edges cut at her veins,
warm and full of butterflies
and ice cream
and long sandy beaches.

Summer withers and dies.

She pours her blood out on the pavement,
and the fallen leaves bathe in it.
The soak it in, red and wet
And then slowly brown and shrivel away.
With a last gasping breath
She exhales a cold wind that wraps itself around the world.
It blows all the warmth away.

Autumn, my Reaper,
so full of life but only bringing death.
She covers the foliage in fire.
She leaves the trees as standing skeletons
that rattle their bones in the cold wind.

Autumn takes from me the hot, sticky Summer
that wrapped me in passion and sweat,
that kissed my lips with sugar and salt.

Autumn takes her from me.
She leaves me a cold bed and empty sheets
that are ice on my skin.
And even she never stays.

With three wind swept months
she leaves me with an even colder mistress.
Even as she sweeps through the world
she ushers in the Winter
that blankets everything in a white ash.

And death is all the company I have
in a world of moaning winds
and sharp, icy tears that fall from a mourning sky.

My heart will grow still and frozen as the earth
and only the soft caress of Spring will melt it.
It’ll lie in waiting
until the warm breeze blows away the wreckage Autumn left,
that Winter covered in soot.
Until the flowers spring forth
and the bony limbs of the trees have the strength
to unfurl their new leaves
and cover themselves in green.
Then I will be born anew, as all creatures of the earth.

Then I shall be ready to embrace Summer once again.

I know in my heart
I've fallen into a home
of wingless angels.
The people I love
the memories I have here
I'll never forget.
Love cake
scd cult


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I have t3h connection, biatch!

« Reply #1 on: November 09, 2007, 08:33:07 AM »

Just so you know this has not gone unnoticed, here's a placeholder. I'll get around to giving you a crit, probably by mid next week. Patience, young padawan.

Quote from: J-Pod by Douglas Coupland
You can't fake creativity, competence or sexual arousal. If you have none of these three attributes, then pack it in right now.
cajun mafia


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Re: Love in Seasons
« Reply #2 on: November 09, 2007, 09:17:09 PM »

I look forward to it.

I know in my heart
I've fallen into a home
of wingless angels.
The people I love
the memories I have here
I'll never forget.
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