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Author Topic: wow.... I ACTUALLY wrote something again (it's been 3 years)  (Read 8 times)
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wow.... I ACTUALLY wrote something again (it's been 3 years)
« on: Today at 12:00:08 PM »

Glass Umbrella

I want to blow you a glass umbrella
So that when it rains you can look up
Without water swimming in your eyes
And see what the sky’s tear duct looks like

…for the first time.

I want to paint you a perfect edge
To a storm cloud coming in over the sun.
I want to make it with my diction,
With words that illuminate light itself.

Then you’d open my transparent phrase
And ride your bike to school with one hand,
All the while gazing upward as I do.
I wonder, is it different for you?

I think I’ll forge you a rusty garbage can
Using jumbles of nonsensical words
That you don’t know and neither did I
…at the time.

The little green plant in the gutter beside it peers out
Of the sea of grey and dirt that it uses to survive.
I think I’ll spread my decaying reason a little thicker
…to help it grow.

Watch your hand now; get off my bike!
Stop shielding your plant from the rain that you hide from.
I think you have a lot to learn from this one,
Pay attention. You’re two sides of the same you know.

You can’t close a glass umbrella, it would shatter
And the little bits become sand again one day.
So choose for yourself what you want to view now.
Beside a bike and a gutter, I’ll leave you two alone.

(c+c appreciated)

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