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Author Topic: at 2 year of the next mexican revolution  (Read 13 times)
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at 2 year of the next mexican revolution
« on: October 16, 2007, 11:36:21 AM »

for the mexacans and the people that has study the story of my country notice a patern of social conflicts each 100 year let me explain in the year 1810 began the independence of mexico started not for the spirit of the freedom it started for the claim of the spanish born in mexico (criollos) for getting the same rights of the pure spanish (peninsulares) in 1910 it started the mexican revoluion for the claim of the poor people of mexico for the right of the land in that days in hand of a few landowners and for the claim of democracy of the middle classes that it were expresed in the constitution of 1917 and now days in mexico we got the money in a few hand just an example carlos slim is the richest man in the world and he is mexican and in other hand we got a 60% of poberty in the population of my country (did you think that the high rates of mexican inmigration to the US is for free) and of that 60% of poberty a 60% of that is in extreme poberty that earn less of 1 dollar at day and now the prices of the primary need of the people is getting more expensive (food gas public trasport) and the salaries increase only 20 cents of dollar getting the daily salary in something like 5 bucks and now the next year the trasport going to become more expensive in somthing like 50 cents of dollar spending in trsport a 20% of your salaryjust takin a two way bus travel but thats not the worst people do more that two way travels sometime 4 or 6 travel in a single day for going to their job that why i say that the next revolution is near just an example myanmar in very look like situation


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