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Author Topic: Bad luck games.  (Read 433 times)
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Bad luck games.
« on: September 06, 2007, 02:47:25 PM »

Do you have any games that you love to tears but they just give you bad luck when ever you attempt to play?

Neverwinter Nights. Whenever I try and play this game something bad happens.

I bought it about 4-5 years ago in junior high. When I tried installing it, it gave me so many problems that I gave up. Problems like, not wanting to install or bugging me about regiistering before I could even play, and even a black screen when I had started it up.

I had recived so many problems that I simply gave up and gave the Game (and the first expansion) to my cousin. He had NO problems installing the game onto him computer and had major fun my my game. When I went to his house I would get a chance to play my game a while, but I fell jipped that I couldn't play my own game.

4 years pass or so. He is so hooked on WoW that he hardly plays anything else. I ask for NWN and he says "sure" I squealled. I had rebuilt my computer since then so hopefully those problems won't come up again.

I get back home and install it on my computer. The game nearly EXPLODES on my computer. I only have a 20 gig memory, and I needed to delete about 2 gigs of memory to install the game. So I spent 2 weeks cleaning my computer, deleting memory and deleting programs and old games. Finnaly a chime rings out. I finally have enough memory.

I install the games, and with tears in my eyes I play the game, so happy.....

.... for a week.

By the end of the week I attempt to save the game and it gives me an error message saying "not enough memory" I check my drive and It says I had less than a megabyte left. I started crying.... I deleted more memory and started taking notes.

Every time I loaded the game and saved it, the size of the file got bigger FAST. I cleared out another gig... It lasted 3 days.

I had no  choice but to uninstall the game that no longer worked.... Again I cried. I had given those charecters life. I even gave them faces and personalites! And I murdered them...

Today I tried installing it on my Mac notebook. I had to run it on a parralel program because I dunno if it runs on a mac or no. Again, bad luck. It took nearly ALL of my memory, yet again.

Tonight I will get rid of Parralell and try to set up boot camp instead. I hope that works....

Do any of you have bad luck games that don't work well for you?

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Re: Bad luck games.
« Reply #1 on: October 15, 2007, 01:01:57 PM »

i got the worst luck of the world in metal gear solid (for PS1) god i was about to break the world record of it with 1:15 or 1:30 hours and plap the damn thing truns off i broke my PSX for the rage U_U and i never get that time at least i do 2:00 hours U_U damn

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Re: Bad luck games.
« Reply #2 on: November 14, 2007, 06:39:31 PM »

i had no problem installing Rise of Nations on my computer, but every time i played it, at a certain point my computer threw in the towel and refused to keep up. now it's even happening when i get on the internet since it's been a few years since i got it. guess it's telling me it's hungry for some ram.

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Re: Bad luck games.
« Reply #3 on: January 14, 2008, 02:05:32 AM »

hmm well i love NW2 but for some resion EVERY time i tryed to loot in the main city,my comp would crash and i meen crash big time where i have to turn the comp off by the power swich it got so anoying i gave up on it
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