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Author Topic: Please help us Canadians!  (Read 229 times)
street musician


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Please help us Canadians!
« on: June 21, 2007, 02:24:40 AM »

Alright; the gist of this is, apparently the Canadian Ministry of Transportation is looking to set back the age of a car that is eligible for import from 15 years, to 25 years. This is going to be a huge slap to the face to all of the second-hand importing companies that import vehicles from Britain, Germany, and Japan especially. This would align us with the U.S. law of a minimum of 25 years old.
I realize that a lot of the people on here are not from Canada, some could careless what goes on up here. But from a car enthusiast to another car enthusiast, I just ask for a bit of your time please, to see if you can help us out here.
Thank you for your time people!

street musician


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Re: Please help us Canadians!
« Reply #1 on: June 30, 2007, 12:53:28 AM »

Wow, hadn't heard that.  It sure doesn't make sense that they would prefer that we import older, less efficient and less safe vehicles, does it?  Actually, I hadn't planned on importing anything anyway, but I know that I benefit from the current importing trend, as I have a Lexus SC400, and all the (nearly identical) Toyota Soarers that are coming in are boosting the market for speed and handling equipment.  I hope that such a law won't affect components such as low mileage engines that we're currently getting from Japan.


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