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These are comics that I dig that have also supported SCD over the years. They are all fantastic and I highly recommend checking them out.

Amazing independent bands and artists across a broad spectrum of genres, most with free tunes for your enjoyment. Many of these cats have played with Absinthe Junk. Get some ear juice!

Shrug - possibly my favorite rock band of all time. Smart and witty lyrics, a classic sound akin to that of 70s era rock. I can safely say you will do yourself a disservice by not checking these guys out.

Sugar Glyder - sweet, epic arena pop. Tunes so catchy they'll be stuck in your head for days. They tour often and broadly so be sure to see if they're coming near you.

Team Illuminati - smart, eclectically produced, progressive pop. Sharp lyrics but also a fantastical element of comedy.

The Motel Beds - surfy, pop punk with sweet soaring background vocals and sassy hooks.

Chakras - female-fronted epic rock, very akin to a more experimental and awesome Evanescence.




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