// About the comic

You keep saying SCD. What is that?
Star Cross'd Destiny = SCD

Is this comic created after a novel?
Yup, it sure is. Star Cross'd Destiny is being converted from Star-Crossed Destiny a novel I started writing five years ago when I was fourteen. The book itself is seperated into three seperate volumes.

Where can I get a copy of the novel?
Right now the novel is being hidden for obvious reasons of ruining the comic.

Are any of your books published?
Not at the moment. Star-Crossed Destiny is being heavily revised, Oneiric Defiance isn't finished, and Ragnarok is on hiatus until Oneiric Defiance is finished. The only book in line for publishing is my poetry book, Psychotic;Glimpse which will be available through my store by the end of the year.

Can I use your images as my desktop wallpaper?
I would appreciate an email first but yes, you can. That is however the only thing you can use my images for unless you email me first. And yes, I will find them so don't even try it.

When was this story written?
The first draft of book 1 and 2 started being written in 1999. It has only been revised since then.

Will SCD ever be updated faster?
Let's put it this way: I'm a full-time student at the Art Institute and I have a part-time job. The strips are done as quickly as quality work can be produced. I'm a perfectionist, so if the strip that is produced is not up to the quality of the other strips it will be redone. ^_^

How long is this going to be?
Oi. Let's look at it like this: it is being converted from a novel that is around 900 pages (not including flashbacks and side stories). It is going to be VERY LONG.

Is Sam black?
Nope, Sam is actually filipino/hispanic. While I'm on this, I'll clear up all the confusion. Juno is Japanese/Caucasian, Shades is Scotch/Irish, Pike and Sara are both whiter than paper plates. *nods*
// Technique

What do you use to create your pages?
I draw the images on paper using a brush pen, then the line art is scanned into the computer. The images are colored in photoshop and panels are arranged as well in photoshop.

What do you use to make your webpages?
Raw HTML on notepad, and only notepad. ^_^

Tools of the trade?
traditional: 2B Woodless Graphite pencil, Fabercastle Brush Pen
computer: Intel Xeon 2.66gHz Desktop, 866mHz laptop, the occasional G5 Mac, HP scanjet 3500, small Graphire WACOM for coloring
software: Photoshop 7, PaintShopPro 7,

// Random
Will you do gift art exchanges?
Most certainly. Just send me an email. It may take me a while to get my half done but I will be glad to do them! ^_^

Where did you learn how to draw?
I never really learned how to draw. I just kinda do. I just started drawing seriously again in March of 2003 and it's just kinda morphed into what it is now.


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