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Original rant from Oct 2003:

A couple days ago my laptop, Chii, was contaminated by a vicious virus known as smc.exe which was transmitted through some random website that popped up on my computer. Those of you who have the "blaster worm", I envy you. The virus infiltrated the system while I was at school and when I got home I noticed she was running hideously slow. I open up task manager to see the system is highly unstable, CPU usage at 100%. I notice the executable and try to kill the process, even the process tree. It didn't even phase the worm; it stayed right where it was. Meanwhile, it's been about 5minutes and I realize it's too quiet in here... the fans aren't turning on. I immediately pulled the plug. Turns out the SMC worm disables certain system processes to run like virus scan, kill process, search, and the process that runs your fans, to name a few. While Chii may be salvagable, the processor is most likely fried. I'm taking her to a shop tomorrow to have all my data extracted.

Now, don't ya'll worry thinking you're going to get this virus out of thin air. It's only at medium risk according to McAfee. You should be okay. But do watch your backs, update your definitions, and only go to sites you can trust. (You can trust my sites. We got great security here! ^_^) But yeah, I'm still in a state of shock. I have the SCD strips backed up but there's a lot of things I need to fix, hence my reluctancy to guarantee a date for the next strip.

On a lighter note, thanks all of you for your support! I'd love to hear from you. Feel free to drop me an email anytime. I should have a guestbook up this weekend. ^_^


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