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Does Third Time's a Charm Apply?

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Updates are gonna change to Mondays. You hear dat? MONDAYS. So check back then for the Chapter 7 cover. big grin

So I started college this past week (again) and it never fails to have your chii completely thrown off no matter how many times you've done it. I think I have superpowers and then things like rehearsals until 10pm at night happen and freezing cold campus jogs happen with 40lb of whatever on my back happen and I get home I just fall face first into whatever catches me first. I officially do not exist on Wednesdays or Tuesdays which is why the schedule is getting changed.

I have to say I've been utterly amazed at kids these days - nothing to say about my wonderful readers who are in college - but the people who ignore stop signs, sit and talk behind me when I'm trying to take notes, ANSWER THE PHONE IN THE BATHROOM (WTF.) - yeah. I tell you what, next person to answer a damn cell phone when I'm on the pot is gonna get the LOUDEST fart noise I can make with my hands bellowed their way. I have seriously a whole rant on the weird things I've discovered people are doing in college but I will save it for Vague-Inklings and the forum. But be forewarned - if you ever answer your cell while your on the crapper and I'm in range... Seriously, people. Don't do that! It's rude!

On a completely unrelated side note-
The Web Cartoonists' Choice Awards have begun their nomination process. And while I think SCD is a fairly good Drama comic with good artwork and character writing I'm not going to beg for nominations.

Though if you got a webcomic and you'd like to support Star Cross'd Destiny by nominating us for Dramatic Comic, Character Writing and Color, you rock and you're awesome. If not... well, you're a meanie head. ^_-

Here's the banner and link to entice:

While I still don't think I deserve one of these because of the restart it sure would be nice to have another one. But I won't hold my breath. ^_^"

Have a good one folks! I'll see you Wednesday with some snazzy art I'm working on before starting Chapter 7. As you can probably see, the site got a bit of a lift so if you notice anything odd let me know. I know (as per the usual) there are problems in IE. But I only know that from my own research - I haven't heard anything from you guys yet. Do I have a pure Firefox audience? Only time will tell!


The New Drug Dealers, Corner Whores No More

So I was in the Dr.’s office the other day for a routinee check up, and I noticed something. Something that I’ve been noticing more and more as I go to Dr.’s offices. Drug dealers. No, these are not the kind you find on the corner hawking smack, crack, pop (ok, so I was thinking of rice krispies), or heroin. Nor are they the kind that work in the kitchen cooking up meth. No. These are perscription pimps, decked out in suits and ties, with the latest and greatest name brand wonder drug, straight from your friend, big pharma. Also, unlike their street corner siblings, these dealers are armed with college degrees and data mined straight from the corner pharmacy telling them what drugs your Dr. prescribes, and how much, so that they can custom tailor their sales pitch to your Dr. so that he’ll be more likely to prescribe the name brand, newest/most expensive drug at the expense of lower cost generic alternative. However, akin to their less reputable forbearers, they peddle tons of freebies to the Dr. for them to toss in their closet and hand out later, to get the people hooked and coming back for more, in exchange for all your money…

Now don’t get me wrong, there is a flip side to this story, but I’m just not in the mood to tell it because my allergy meds, which make me a decent human being (just ask my family) are damn expensive.

On a nearly completely unrelated subject, I just hooked up Juno and my cat with some kitty weed (cat nip) and Angus is cat nervana right now…