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December 10, 2007, 11:50:26 AM *
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Author Topic: What makes a good webcomic? Sound off everyone!  (Read 62 times)
Steven Heinrich
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What makes a good webcomic? Sound off everyone!
« on: December 01, 2007, 10:46:09 AM »

Over the years I've seen numerous webcomics come and go, many simply disappearing within months of making a huge splash at the A-kon artist alley!!

Then I see others that truck along, slowly improving with time, effort and dedication.

Some have incredible storylines, but horrible art and others vice versa...only a few elite stand against the grain and combine the best of both worlds.

Some of the silliest, with the most simplistic artwork are the powerhouses of the industry (I'm talking about you  Their quick wit and willingness to "go for the throat" humor make them favorites among the college crowd and those that actually get the hidden humor in "Family Guy".

Then we have epic storylines with incredible art such as "Swordwaltzer" and "Star Cross'd Destiny" with deep characters and art that makes you want to purchase a poster and put it in a frame on your wall.

The middle ground would be comics such as Schlock Mercenary with simple, but pleasing art and a fun, involved story line and "the Whiteboard" (a webcomic about a polar bear that plays paintball) both of which I stayed up and read from the beginning to the current comic when I found them in only one sitting....only a few comics can get me to do that!!!

There is, of course, the personality behind the webcomic!  Does that make a difference?  I know many webcomic artists, and I can say that the most popular ones (with only a few arrogant exceptions) truly appreciate their fans and at conventions go out of their way to show their appreciation, staying long hours and going above & beyond the call of duty for personal requests.

What do the rest of you feel makes a webcomic successful?

Please be detailed, as I know that we have numerous, budding new webcomic artists on this site, and the A-kon wave is about to start at the beginning of the year, which will mean a large influx of new people viewing the forum!!!!

***If you put up a link, please make sure you designate whether it is safe for work and what age level is appropriate.  We have a HUGE amount of parents that lurk this forum, since we a the main site for the younger artists to learn about being an artist at conventions.
(Safe for all ages)
(13+ ages)
(Not safe for work, or children most of the time, or anyone that is touchy about religion or taboo subjects, but it is hilarious)
(safe for all ages and funny for techies who paintball)
(safe for all ages, some violence from sword fighting)
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Re: What makes a good webcomic? Sound off everyone!
« Reply #1 on: December 02, 2007, 05:24:31 PM »

Something Positive
PG-13/R for language
This is pretty much my favorite webcomic. The humor is harsh but not without reason - it's the only thing that can make me laugh AND cry within a 5-strip stretch. I hope Randy gets asked to be dialogue consultant or write a movie script someday - the exchanges between the characters are priceless. Brilliant writing.

As If!
PG, suitable for just about everybody
An odd couple sort of thing - two best friends growing up side by side in the mid-1980's. Nice artwork and a good solid world and storyline - this one doesn't have that "seat of the pants" feel that a lot of longer running or unplanned comics do.
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Re: What makes a good webcomic? Sound off everyone!
« Reply #2 on: December 05, 2007, 01:22:57 PM »

*glomps Steven* Cheesy

I think what makes a great webcomic is someone who is willing to be imaginative and willing to experiment across the medium.  Storytelling is a very nonrestrictive art, as is (in my opinion) sequential art.  But I think the deal breaker between a webcomic that lasts and one that falls has more to do with the creator than the concept.  I think the creators who are passionate about their craft are the ones that last and become great.  They're not doing it for money or hits - they're doing it because they have a story to tell and they love it.  They love their characters.  That love shows through.

These are my favorites:


A Softer World

All of those are PGish.

Girls, cars and the ability to make your mama cry - doing so since 2003 - you just don't remember me! Wink
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