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November 19, 2007, 03:37:35 AM *
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Author Topic: The RULES  (Read 870 times)
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« on: May 04, 2007, 04:21:22 PM »

Greetings and welcome to the Convention Artists Community forums. To make everyone's lives easier we have a couple rules and guidelines that our forums are run by. Our rules are strictly enforced. Each subforum of the community may have its own additional set of guidelines, which you are encouraged to read as well before posting in that subforum, as you will be expected to follow them.

1. Do not police the forum! This is the job of the Moderators (Mod) and Administrators (Admin). If you believe someone is breaking one of the rules, contact a Mod or Admin.  Do not go around telling people what you think they need to be doing, as you will most likely only make things worse, and get yourself into trouble as well.

2. Do not attack anyone for their opinion. Everyone has an opinion and a right to express that opinion.  One person's opinion is by no means more right or better than another's.

3. Don't call people n00bs. Don't insult people because they're new.  If someone is acting like an idiot, or blatantly trying to cause trouble, call them on that.  But don't insult a person simply because they're new to the forum.

4. Do not harass other forum members. If you are caught doing this your account may and/or will be suspended and/or banned.

5a. No flaming or trolling (ie. posting with the sole intention of trying to piss people off). IE, Don't start drama, don't brew it, and don't encourage it.  Keep in mind that it takes you a couple of minutes to create an account; it takes an Admin or Mod one click to ban them.  This will NOT be tolerated.
5b. If you really feel it's necessary to FIGHT with someone, have the sense to use the PERSONAL MESSAGE system.  That's what it's there for.  Keep your drama private if you have to have it in the first place.

6. Do not give the Mods or Admins a hard time simply because they are Mods or Admins.  Their job is hard enough as it is.

7. If you do not have anything productive to add to a topic, then refrain from posting.  Posting empty posts is spamming, and spamming is frown upon.

8. Do not double post, triple post, and especially quadruple post.  Make use of that handy little edit button on the top of your posts. If you consistently double post, your settings will be changed and your posting privileges will be limited. (note: This applies to when people make three separate posts back to back to back, not when someone accidentally clicks the post button twice).

9. Please use the shift key, proper spelling and grammar.  And for God's sake, try to act intelligent. It takes all of a few seconds to proof-read your post.

10. Do not revive old threads. If it's been dead for more than two months, and you don't have anything significant to add, let it stay dead!

11. Members joining for the sole purpose of advertising will be removed.  Active members are welcome to post links in the link forum, and have links to their website in their signature.  However, if a link is determined to be inappropriate, it will be removed.

12. Limit signature files to no larger than 100 x 500px, and avatar files to no larger than 100 x 100px.  This is just common courtesy to keep your fellow members screen from being cluttered.  Expect to be warned or PM'd if your signature/avatar files are larger than this.  If you have to be warned more than once your ability to use these features will be turned off.

13. Plagiarism is illegal! If you use foreign sources, put them within quote tags and reference them. This reference should be the full URL for internet sources. For printed sources indicate author and name of the book, or if it is an article, name of the author, title of the article, plus the name and issue date of the magazine it was in.

14 a. This forum is NOT A DEMOCRACY.  The Admins and Mods have the final say on any issue.  This is not intended to imply that we are not open to hearing someone out, merely that once a decision is made, you don't get to vote on it.
14 b. This forum is NOT A DEMOCRACY. While we believe in the freedom of speech, we have no qualms about censoring when we feel it is in the interest of this community.

15.  Lastly, many of the forumites on this board are young children.  Do NOT burn their eyes with cursing.  Do your best to keep your language clean.  Ultimately, if you're old enough to cuss, you're old enough to know what is APPROPRIATE.  Be responsible for yourself and if you're going to use strong language be ready to take responsibility for what you've said.

Let's all follow these guidelines and help our community grow in a civilized way. It is fun to have fun but let us remember to keep it in moderation and in good spirit. Thank you.

Any questions regarding forum policies should be directed to the Mod of that subforum first and then an Admin if necessary.  Use the PM system to contact them as needed.

Moderating Team:
Super King

Your Administrative Team:

Thank you and welcome to the CAC Forums. 

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