Support with Advertising!
Star Cross'd Destiny is an expensive project so to help ease the cost of keeping it online I've decided to start offering advertising options for those of you with webcomics, merchandise, etc to help get your products out there to our readers.

There is one tower ad space that will be available. Only one ad will be up at a time so you get dedicated viewings for the entire span of your advertisement. The ad will be featured on the right on the latest comic page and all the pages in the archive. Banners must be 139x450px and in JPG, GIF, or animated GIF format. The length can vary to the short side but we request that it not go longer than 455px. We ask that, in consideration for our low-bandwidth readers, that file sizes be kept below 30KB.

SCD Traffic Specs
As of April 2007, Star Cross'd Destiny receives on average 5000 uniques a day according to our server-side tracker.

Cost and Time
Advertising is $10 USD a week for a dedicated banner ad. Please email for availability and to set up your ad.

Thank you!