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mine is an evil laugh!

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Blair B.
DOB: 12-June-19blergtybur
LOC: Nashville / New Orleans / Dayton
LIKENS: playing rock music, socks, honey mustard, cats, making things shiny, stealing condiments from gas stations, devising models for absinthe-powered potato cannons, creating small explosions in a lab, forensic science, gorey surgery videos, indie music, films, and art.

PLAYS IN: Absinthe Junk (alternatively progressive rock yum), Set the Controls (Pink Floyd show), JonesWorld (peace-love-n-funk), and many more.

COLLEGIATE: Bachelor of Science, Atmospheric Science

MUSIC: Garbage, Queen, Pink Floyd, Shrug, Gogol Bordello, Team Illuminati, Sugar Glyder...

SHOWS: Dexter, Breaking Bad, Firefly, Grey's Anatomy

MOVIES: Breakfast Club, Dogma, Serenity, Moulin Rouge, Twister

Passionate, foul-mouthed, shy, unfocused, bi, musical, artistic, scribed, openly insecure and egotistical at the same time, firm believer that absinthe makes the heart grow fonder, addicted to tattoos and the process thereof. I like strange things and I try not to take life too seriously.





Absinthe Junk