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Star Cross'd Destiny started out as a novel born out of extreme boredom in 1999. It's gone through many manifestations, several versions, and probably a thousand rewrites before landing to the illustrated version you've come to know. SCD (or SXD), the online comic, started in September of 2003 in simple grayscale and moved to color in mid 2004 with the start of Chapter 4. While recent activities of life have forced the comic to slow down (and often come to a screeching hault), SCD still gets a lot of my attention. In 2010, we suffered a huge loss here at Bohemian Trash Studios, with the crashing of SCD's main hard drive - the newest material, Chapters 6 through 8 were lost. It's been a long process of rebuilding since then but here we are!

Star Cross'd Destiny is focused around five misfit young adults in New Orleans who are cursed/blessed with supernatural powers. The controllor of Air, Juno, is a smartass alcholic with anger issues who has a rap sheet ten miles long, is wanted by the police and the Cajun mafia, and can't seem to keep her nose out of trouble. She is accompanied by her best friends Sean "Shades" McKerrean (controllor of Light), Sam Vasquez (controllor of Fire), and Pike Piri (controllor of Water), along with a growing cast of minor characters.





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