Volume 3 - Chapter 10 - Page 261

  here's lookin at you


Trying to Keep it Real

Wow, yikes, you guys. I'm not exactly sure what happened there. This page just didn't want to come together. I was out of town a lot (in fact, I'm leaving again in twenty minutes), school is a monster, work is getting weird... so I guess I kinda know what happened there. Super apologies. I'm hoping by next week most of these kinks will be worked out. I say that, but this whole chapter is extraordinarily intense - if there isn't shit being burned down there are other explosions and powers. I'm definitely going to do my best to keep up the twice a week schedule as promised - it might just get a little hairy from time to time.

I'll be at Otakon in a few weeks! Super stoked to be headed back to Baltimore after so many years.

Vote incentive has been updated with some serious villainy. Hopefully I'll see you guys Thursday with at least something interesting. Keep it real on the streets.


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