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With the exception of very few royalty-free or friend-shot photographs, all the backgrounds in Star Cross'd Destiny were shot by me on location in New Orleans. Why? Because I thought would be awesome to capture New Orleans in its actual form. And I loathe drawing backgrounds. (who doesn't?)

Point of interest - the entirety of Book 1's backgrounds and the bulk of Book 2's were shot in 2003 and 2004, pre-Hurricane Katrina. The area where Chapter 1 takes place doesn't even exist as it is displayed in the comic. So while Hurricane Katrina sucked, and continues to suck, an aspect of New Orleans that we lost to it has been preserved. I hope to make a gallery of my favorite photos from my trips soon.

Gear: Nikon D-40X
Lenses: standard 35 and wide angle
Post-production: Photoshop