Star Cross'd Destiny.

In 2010, the lives of five people were unraveled under the iron fist of a parasitic universe leaving them cursed thereafter with power over the elements. Juno, the controller of Air, has made a mess since, making enemies with the Cajun mafia and the NOPD, fighting to survive alongside her Controller friends – but being a fugitive isn’t what’s keeping her awake at night. Nightmarish premonitions haunt her that the attack that left them cursed was only a warning shot… and it won’t be the last.

Star Cross’d Destiny started out as a novel born out of hyper focused distraction in 1999. It’s gone through many manifestations, several versions, and probably a thousand rewrites before landing to the illustrated version you’ve come to know. SCD (or SXD), the online comic, started in September of 2003 in simple grayscale and moved to color in mid 2004 with the start of Chapter 4. While recent activities of life have forced the comic to slow down (and often come to a screeching halt), SCD still gets a lot of my attention. In 2010, we suffered a huge loss here at Bohemian Trash Studios, with the crashing of SCD’s main hard drive – the newest material, Chapters 6 through 8 were lost. After years of intense coordination with printers and the help of some wine, Chapters 6 through 8 were recovered and the comic resumed. Volume 2 was printed in 2014 and Volume 3 is currently in progress.

About Blair B.

Age / Loc

Born June 12 in the era of fluorescent green and crimped hair.
Located in the US.


Bachelor of Science in Earth System Science : Atmospheric Science. My senior thesis was on the role of rear-inflow jets in nocturnal mesoscale convective systems.

Day Job

I’m a world touring musician. I’ve played music on three continents! That’s crazy. Mostly I recreate classic albums in a live setting on keyboards, saxophone, guitar, and vocals. Sometimes I do my own thing, which is called Absinthe Junk.


Playing rock music, socks, honey mustard, cats, making things shiny, stealing condiments from gas stations, devising models for absinthe-powered potato cannons, dangerous scientific field campaigns, forensic science, gorey surgery videos, indie music, films, and art.

Mine is an evil laugh.

Passionate, foul-mouthed, shy, unfocused, bi, gender queer, scribed, firm believer that absinthe makes the heart grow fonder, addicted to tattoos and the process thereof. I like strange things. I like laughing at dumb shit. I really don’t like people who spend their time vomiting negativity on the internet and in real life. Like, buy those folks some flowers or some shit. I love inspiring other people and encouraging other artists and musicians to make great stuff.

Be righteous to each other is my mantra.

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