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Star Cross'd Destiny
Volume 1

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Trying to Keep it Real.
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Wow, yikes, you guys. I'm not exactly sure what happened there. This page just didn't want to come together. I was out of town a lot (in fact, I'm leaving again in twenty minutes), school is a monster, work is getting weird... so I guess I kinda know what happened there. Super apologies. I'm hoping by next week most of these kinks will be worked out. I say that, but this whole chapter is extraordinarily intense - if there isn't shit being burned down there are other explosions and powers. I'm definitely going to do my best to keep up the twice a week schedule as promised - it might just get a little hairy from time to time.

I'll be at Otakon in a few weeks! Super stoked to be headed back to Baltimore after so many years.

Vote incentive has been updated with some serious villainy. Hopefully I'll see you guys Thursday with at least something interesting. Keep it real on the streets.


And We're Back!
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Had a great time at ConnectiCon - always such an awesome convention to work with - great people and lots of fun! Thanks to everyone who came out to say hi, who attended the panels I was on, and to especially to the con for having me.

The archive is back up to date and should be working just fine. Please let me know if you notice anything super weird though. I've also noticed that our RSS feed is wonked out for the hundredth time. This is definitely not my area of expertise, but I will continue to try and find a replacement.

I'm finally home for a while! Hopefully this means I can get caught up and there won't be too many further delays. Next convention is Otakon! It's been over five years since I've been there so I'm super stoked to see everyone again.

And I swear, I'll update the vote incentive... eventually. So many strands in ol' Duder's head. See y'all again on Thursday!


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Super apologies for the lack of an update friends. I got stranded in the airport and I leave in the morning again for ConnectiCon in Hartford. If you'll be at the con, I'm doing a few panels! My digital comic techniques panel is on Saturday at 6:30 in Work Shop1, and then I'll be sitting on a Writing for Webcomics panel at 9:30am on Sunday. Hope to see a few of you there!

Updates will get back to normal on Tuesday! Sorry again for insanity!


ConnectiCon and the SCD OST
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Holy crap, it's July!? When did that happen? I'll be at ConnectiCon in Hartford next weekend! So if you're in the area be sure to come say hi to me and all the other talented webcomickers in the Online Media Guest Hall.

I've started a small campaign to help get the second volume of the SCD original soundtrack finished off. You can preorder a copy and check out some of the tracks that are going to be featured on it over on IndieGoGo. I'll be in the studio next week to finish up recording the brass. It's turned into an epic record - beyond anything I could have even dreamed - that's part of the reason for this extra campaign. I originally only planned to release this record digitally and not get it mastered, like Volume Alpha. It's turned into a record I'm so truly proud of and I've had the priviledge to work with so many amazing musicians - to not have it professionally mixed and mastered would be a true disservice to them. I hope you'll check it out, preorder if you can, or boost the signal. Much much love to everyone who's done either so far. I can't wait to share these tracks in their finished entirety with you!

See you again on Tuesday and Thursday! I imagine I won't always rant to the front page twice a week, so don't let the lack of change in this space fool you.


The Close of Volume 2
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And on that note - I'm going to be out of the country for the next little bit. The comic wlill be off next week as I get back and then head to Anime Central in Chicago (come say hi!), and will update once before going on the Volume end break. I'll have more intricate details about that when I return.

Don't freak out. Seriously. Yes, I can see how you might freak out. Stay with me, friends. There is still so much more to do.

Thank you for an incredible volume! Hope to see some of you this summer at the conventions. Check back May 26th for more news!



Convention Schedule

ACEN - May 21-23 - Chicago
A-Kon - June 6-8 - Dallas
Connecticon - July 10-13 - Hartford
Otakon - Aug 8-10
Intervention - Aug 22-24
Memphis Comic & Fantasy Con - Nov 21-23

Star Cross'd Destiny is a cajun-spiced, elemental action drama set in New Orleans. Updates Tues/Thur!