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Star Cross'd Destiny
Volume 1

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Sorry for the delay friends - school is definitely getting out of hand. The comic will be moving to an every other week schedule until we have finals and I can breathe again for the sake of my sanity. I will definitely be posting other sweet updates in between, including some exclusive sneak peeks at the OST that was recorded in the studio this past weekend.

Con season is coming up! Check out the bottom of the page to see what conventions I'll be at this year. I would so love to see and talk with you if you're at any of them!

The archive is still off and I'll be working to resolve that issue this weekend. Bookmark your place! Get all old school and junk.

Music update next week! Dig it.


We Might Experience Some Turbulence
(and then explode)
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Any time you see the words 'server migration' you can just assume it's not going to go smoothly. The comic's engine, which was up to date literally 15 minutes ago, just ate 15 weeks worth of entries - and unfortunately, it's not just something I can go into the code and adjust. I was able to move some of the older closed entries up in the system so I could regain at least some of the entries I lost but I'll still be reposting old material every day to get us caught back up for about a week.

This also affects the archive - until I get the entry system back in order, the archive may point to the wrong page. I'll try to get this adjusted as soon as possible too - I'd recommend bookmarking your stopping points between Chapter 8 and Chapter 9 in the mean time. This also goes for any of our friends using ComicRocket or InkOutbreak - it's likely going to take their systems a minute to adjust to the change in the archive structure. Bookmark stuff - get all retro and junk.

I'm so so sorry about this, everyone - but we should be back up to speed in about a week or so. Bear with me - it's just as much (and trust me, probably more) frustrating for me as it is for you.

The good news is everything is all moved and it is working, beyond this snafu. Lord knows, it could have gone much worse.

Hang in there with me! Go back and catch up on some of the older chapters. Some of the Volume 1 stuff is going to be very relevent here soon. It's worth diving back into while we get reacquainted over here.

Thanks so much for your patience and your understanding. I'll try to get this resolved as quickly as I possibly can.


Moving Servers
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Sorry for the delay, everyone. We're in the middle of transitioning over to a new server so things may get a little weird. Since this is a 2pg spread, there will be no new page next week, which will help to make the transition go a little more smoothly.

Several new conventions have been added to the schedule for this year! Check out the bottom of the page for more info. Can't wait to see you all again!


Convention Schedule

ACEN - May 21-23 - Chicago
A-Kon - June 6-8 - Dallas
Connecticon - July 10-13 - Hartford
Otakon - Aug 8-10
Intervention - Aug 22-24
Memphis Comic & Fantasy Con - Nov 21-23

Star Cross'd Destiny is a cajun-spiced, elemental action drama set in New Orleans. Updates Monday!