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A Merry Little Christmas
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If we take a moment to remember what day it is in the comic - December 21st - then, I think this may be the most perfect - and most heartbreaking - soundtrack for this spread.

The comic will not update next week as I will be on the road to Texas for the holiday. I hope everyone has a good holiday, however you celebrate it! If you don't celebrate it at all, I hope you take advantage of all the delicious treats at least. I'll see you guys New Year's Eve!

Back to Our Regularly (?) Scheduled Something
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This update may look a little weird - it's part of a two page spread but was laid out just right enough for me to split it into two updates.

Wow. So that semester was insane. I made it out alive, I guess? I think? I'm still a little knocked back. I only have a few semesters left and as of yesterday, all my pre-req's and junk were passed and moved out of the way. Next semester I get to spend a lot more time doing operations in the field and at headquarters and a lot less studying of annoying prerequisite nonsense. So I should be here more often and steadily. These are my hopes at least.

So yeah, see you next week with the second half of this spread.

Music Update of ROCK
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Turbo Z - a fiesty rock and roll number featuring my favorite purple suit sporting guitar god, Toddzilla. He actually made a cameo appearance in Chapter 8 in the bottom panel of page 210. This is the Crash and Burn of OST Beta for that moment when you're trying to outrun the cops, take down a helicopter with a blast of plasma, and accomplish general mayhem. If you dig this tune, you should definitely check out his original band, FunkHammer. It's delicious.

Mercenary - a dark and twisty, yet racuous percussion feature written in cahoots with my brother in arms in Absinthe Junk, Ben Bruno. If the Betaverse could have a song as they infiltrated the swamps of Louisiana, this would be it. Based on the funeral marches, this piece looms with eerie textures before exploding into articulate gunfire. I hope you enjoy the music while I continue to search for my bearings! More updates as I know it!

Life, Cameras, and Light Switches
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You'd think after years of doing something every day that you're immune to burning out, especially when it's your job. I honestly haven't picked up my tablet pen in about two weeks because I just couldn't. After drawing 100+ keyframes of stuff for work and then doing shitloads of physics and basically just staring at a screen for days at a time, I had to step away. So that's a bummer - and I'm sorry about it - we're each only one person. It's easy to forget that about ourselves and about others.

Needless to say, I'm very behind on where I need to be in the comic to have regular updates. And this upcoming scene simply can't have the ass fall out of it because of work or school. So I'm going to continue to take a minute in order to rebuild a buffer. I'm not entirely sure how long that will take. I know once I actually finish the stuff I'm doing for work I'll be in a better place to answer that question, and I'll post an update then.

Don't fret. It's not a hiatus, it's not the end of anything - it's just a break so I can catch my breath. I do hope you guys have enjoyed this scene - there's a lot of these types of scenes in Book 3 and I'm really looking forward to them. And obviously, part of the reason I'm taking this break is so I don't completely burn out. I know what those feel like and they're so hard to recover from. Consider it preventative maintenance. So yeah, don't freak out. I'll BRB.

In completely related news, something you should all be super excited about - I've been working with director Jackie Schiff to produce a short film about a cool mafia-related Juno/Shades subplot. The studio will be launching its own Kickstarter to help raise funds for its production. It's a really cool film and I'm beyond stoked to see how it all turns out. I'll have more updates on that in the next few weeks.

SPX This Weekend!
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I'm still working on this week's udpate. I've been unfortunately slowed down by some sort of evil upper respiratory infection for which they gave me all the shots and all the pills. It's been a pretty rough scene. My super apologies.

This weekend I'll be at SPX in DC with my fellow friends in Spider Forest. We'll be at E-11! I hope you'll come by and say hi!

A slew of announcements were made in the last rant update, so definitely check that out and listen to the sweet music that was posted too. I'll get y'all a new page up as soon as I can feel my face again.

Music Update - Surgery
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So, I had surgery last week right before I took off to Otakon. Everything is fine, not to fret, but the whole ordeal definitely took a lot out of me. Back in the chair today finally and stitches come out tomorrow. Needless to say, trying super hard to catch up, so in lieu of new pages, have new songs!

Worlds Apart - SCD OST Volume Beta
That moment when you know your life has changed - the person you thought you were isn’t who you are. The part of your life that existed so you could understand love, even though you never did, is gone. You’ve lost everything. And all the feelings you swore you never had? Now they’re all you’ve got. From heartbreak and sorrow, to grief and acceptance, forward to determination and transformation.

Transcend the Void - SCD OST Volume Beta
The title track to this volume that includes Juno's theme and pieces of Miah's and Vega's theme. Super creepy and dark textures in this one with a killer groove.

I love both of these tunes - Worlds Apart really fits in with the mood throughout Volume 3. I've been working on both of these for a number of months. Got to cut a lot of these parts at the beautiful Reel Love Recording company in Nashville. Specifically, for those of you who are interested, I played oboe, clarinet, viola, violin, baroque recorder, piano, and sang on these two tunes. Many more songs yet to come on this album. I hope you enjoy these sneak peeks!

I WILL see you guys next week, on Wednesday, with a new page. I will do my absolute best to not have surgery or fly across the country, or end up with 60 hours worth of work... well, you can't win them all. Trust me, I'd rather be here. :)

Brain Reboot In Progress
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And here is what you should not do.

About 12 weeks ago I had this great idea - I'm gonna take Calculus 3 during the 10 week summer session! What could go wrong! Yeah, any college student can symphazise with taking even just your run of the mill general ed required course in the summer - it's intense. Any College of Science student probably starts having flashbacks and fits. It would be one thing if I was a full-time student and only that - I think I could've rocked it. But I had at least four conventions or trips during the ten weeks on top of my day job and SCD and the OST. I was doing homework behind tables and on planes and it just awful. Needless to say, that's added to the list of things I'll never do again.

So yeah, I'm a little bit fried. The class ended Wednesday with a horrifying final. I'm stoked to say, I'm finished the entire sequence of university calculus. FINISHED. But I need a few days to reboot. For real. My brain feels like overworked, overstressed mush. The next two pages are a little intense having more than 5 panels on each. So hopefully that will be my weekend, along with getting a substantial buffer happening.

I'm super sorry for the radio silence during all this. I had a brain of jelly. If you follow my Twitter you've seen all the nonsensical crap - it's pretty hilarious.

OTAKON! Is next weekend, speaking of my brain feeling like jelly. I'm in island L of the Artist Alley next to the likes of my super talented friends in Star Power, Spinnerette, and Snow By Night. Come find all of us and say hi! Talk to me and see if I can respond in something besides numbers. ;)

More soon! Thank you guys very much for your patience.


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