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Well. Those were some times.
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Well, that was a time that happened. I wasn't dead. I did go through some serious shit including but not limited to major surgery, divorce, move, graduation, and multiple jobs. Time hasn't been a friend for a while, you guys. I'm healed now, though. I have a house, I ride motorcycles again, I've gotten to play overseas twice for US troops in the Middle East, and I've completed my degree.

SCD's 14th birthday is in a few days, so in honor of that (now that my life is not a giant dumpster fire) I've returned with a new page. I also have a few in the buffer. I may post a new one next week! I may get hit by a bus! If the last two years have taught me anything, it's that my life is highly combustible - and if you've been here a while, you'll remember the time my car, apartment, and kitchen caught on fire all within a few week period - and I don't really get to make guarantees. But I want to be here. So hopefully I will be. I miss this work. I miss these characters. We land today on a super sad page, but that by no means suggests that we're near the end of this story. So I hope to see you all again next week. I hope you enjoy re-reading the archives, remembering all the fun times these misfits have had. There's much more to come.

Soon. (srsly)
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I promise, I'm not dead. I've been in this strange constant state of midterms at university - it's very disorienting. I keep thinking it will stop and then another week comes along and I get midtermed again. And it's not pleasant midterms, like History or some shit - no, it's quantitative meteorology, and two page essays on the history of remote sensing and how the EM spectrum is applied, and differential equations. There is also some qualitative meteorology, and y'all would be so proud that when I was asked about the Walker Circulation, I didn't respond with 'it's the eastern Pacific air circulation which occurs as a result of Chuck Norris doing a round house kick in episodes of Walker, Texas Ranger. I wish I would have though. Next time...

So! Updates! Yeah, I'm into that. I'm working on Page 267 right now. It's going very slowly because I keep getting midtermed in the face. I'm still in inks, BUT I will actually be home this weekend for once in my life, so I hope to actually finish it. The page after it is already finished! And the spread after that is so massive and excellent I can't not work on it. I am hopeful that things should return to some amount of normalcy around here very soon. I really really appreciate everyone's patience!

Valentine's Day Sex Drive
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It's that time of year again! I'll, of course, be posting all the past years' VDSD pics starting on Monday with 2014's super sultry picture of Noiyal. Don't forget to check out all the other awesome comics involved this year!

Updates will resume to some amount of normalcy here soon. I'm super sorry about the absence. School, life, and so on - just ugh. So annoying. New page hopefully this coming week!

The Complete List of Valentine's Day Sex Drive 2015 Participants

Nate Hammond - Jazz and Jess (NUDITY HERE) | Captaingerbear - Grant | Alli Perry - Out of My Element | Miluette - Lovefeast | Juno Blair - Star Cross'd Destiny | Dave Barrack - Grrl Power | Jackarais - Bicycle Boy | Andrew Hunter - Delve | Bearalzebub - Devilbear: The Grimoires of Bearalzebub | Rabbitual Offender - Rabbitual Offender | Raven Perez - Raven's Dojo | Jeromatic - Bunny Wiggins | Spaces - Holy Bibble | Nick Greaves - The Great Isle of Prentil | Zach Vanzile - West Tree Academy of Heroes | Jeremy Begin - After the Dream | TK Doherty - Nikki Sprite | Doomy - Demented | Mike Aston and Shaun Nicholls - Lacey Investigations | Lou Graziani - CyBoar | John Harrington - The Savage Sword of Sharona | Niauropsaka - Raspberry Rain | F.T. Benjamins - Holding Pattern | Phil and Max - Indifferently Evil | Yellowgerbil - Zoe the Vampire | Mark Egan - Bata Neart | Mark Egan - Back Office | Peter Anckorn - By The Book | Amy Letts - Epic Fail | Casey J. - Buying Time | Sean Harrington - Spying With Lana | Vas Littlecrow Wojtanowicz and SA - Rasputin Catamite | Vas Littlecrow Wojtanowicz - Rasputin Barxotka | R(ed) - Meiosis | Byron Wilkins - 1977 the Comic | Stef Marcinkowski - Sarah Zero

A Merry Little Christmas
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If we take a moment to remember what day it is in the comic - December 21st - then, I think this may be the most perfect - and most heartbreaking - soundtrack for this spread.

The comic will not update next week as I will be on the road to Texas for the holiday. I hope everyone has a good holiday, however you celebrate it! If you don't celebrate it at all, I hope you take advantage of all the delicious treats at least. I'll see you guys New Year's Eve!

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